Ozzie Thoreson, founder of Ozzo Design

Ozzie was raised in Ohio but he soon headed west to seek adventure in San Francisco, California.

His digital skills were welcomed there.

Ozzie was one of the unique designers who learned both digital/software skills and traditional print/TV design skills. His pioneering work in the early days of the web were very much in demand and made him the digital veteran he is now.

As Ozzie said, “I wanted to focus on creating the best user experience through durable design and clear communications.” Many clients took him up on his offer, from Oracle, PayPal and Union Bank to the Sierra Club, Levi Strauss Foundation and Hawaii Department of Health.

Few designers combine such intellectual acuity with the Midwestern friendliness and empathy.

Here are some of the colleagues and business partners who have worked with Ozzie and teamed up to make Ozzo Design a special place:

  • Chuck Thegze (Thegze & Partners) – Writing and strategic thinking
  • Mission Minded – Marketing communication for nonprofits and other do-gooders
  • Wayne Kosaka (Kosaka Design) – Creative and art director
  • Bill Summer – Developer and online guru
  • Betsy Ryen – Director of client services
  • Dennis Wilkins – Video and motion expert
  • Malcolm Wilson – Flash and online media expert